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Young In Cheon Taekwondo


Grandmaster Young In Cheon has been teaching in Diamond Bar for over 26 years! We use Taekwondo as a tool to promote a more positive and healthier lifestyle in each student. Our instructors make each class a positive learning environment while instilling the old traditional values of respect and  discipline. Improved Discipline, Confidence, Mental Alertness and Goal Setting Skills are some of the positive results of a dedicated Taekwondo student. Here at YIC Taekwondo we look forward to working with all students of all ages to help develop a healthy body and strong mind.

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Taekwondo is the way of the fist and foot. A martial art that dates back over 5,000 years to it’s origin in Korea. Over the years it has become the most widely practiced martial arts. In the year 2000 it has become an official olympic sport. Here at Young In Cheon Taekwondo we try to instill the knowledge of Taekwondo into our students in a positive yet disciplined environment.

Tiny Tigers: (Ages 3-5)

In this program our main focus is to try build basic listening and coordination skills through different exercises and activities.

Black Belt Club: (Ages 5+)

Students in this course have the option of unlimited classes as well as the special BBC classes where we focus on specialty curriculum for weapons.  BBC students may also participate in full contact sparring. BBC students are committed to achieving their Black Belt goal and receive special perks such as discount on belt testings and events.

Basic Program: (Ages 5-18)

Students are required to attend classes three times a week and be able to perform the required Forms and kicks for each rank.

Demo Team: (Ages 8+)

Require Brown belts and above. Must tryout to join the Demonstration Team.  This team’s main purpose is to demonstrate the beauty of Taekwondo through board breaking, musical forms, and self defense.  The team performs every year at local events including the Diamond Bar Birthday, Winter Snow Festival, the LA County Fair, and Lets Move California.

Adult Class: (Ages 18+)

For all age 18+, this class is a mix-up of both traditional Taekwondo and together with modern self defense techniques.

Dream Team: (Ages 8+)

Require Brown belts and above. This class is geared towards students who want to excel in Olympic Style sparring and want to attend competitions.  The training is both mentally and physically exhausting and each student will be pushed to the limit.  The goal for each member is to qualify and to compete at the US Nationals.

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