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    YoungInCheon Taekwondo YIC Taekwondo is not just a martial arts school but we are a family and our students are treated with respect and love.


YIC Taekwondo - Home of the Head Coach for the 2000 USA Taekwondo Olympic Team

Improved Discipline, Confidence, Mental Alertness and Goal Setting Skills are some of the positive results of a dedicated Taekwondo student. Here at YIC TKD we look forward to working with all students of all ages to help develp a healthy body and strong mind.

YICTKD Lessons & Programs

Grandmaster Young In Cheon has been teaching in Diamond Bar for over 20 years!  We use Taekwondo as a tool to promote a more positive & healthier lifestyle in each student. Our Instructors make each class a positive learning environment while still instilling the old traditional values of RESPECT & DISCIPLINE.

  • Basic Program: The Basic Program is 1 Year long.  Students will be able to attend classes twice a week.
  • Black Belt Club: The Black Belt Club is a program for students who are committed to go all the way to 1st Degree Black Belt. Students who join the BBC will learn the same curriculum as the Basic Program but will also have the ability to learn full contact sparring, weapons, self defense, as well as unlimited classes!  BBC Students will wear a specially made Blue Uniform.
  • Adult Class: The Adults Class is a Monthly Program where students 18yrs+ can train together to work and sweat towards a common goal:  getting fit and learning the art of Taekwondo!
  • Tiny Tigers: The Tiny Tiger class is a special program for children ages 3-5 years old to introduce Taekwondo into their lives by incorporating fun martial arts based games to help develop their basic coordination and focus skills.
  • Demo Team: If you enjoy board breakings and performing in public, this is for you!  We perform at local events for the city of Diamond Bar as well as the LA County fair.
  • Dream Team: This program is geared towards students who want to excel in competition style sparring.  The training will be more intense and each student will be tested both physically and mentally.  Each season we set our goals at qualifying and participating at the US Nationals.



Flexible Class Schedule

Choose from an array of Lessons and Programs, differ by age group and belt rank, which all have flexible time schedule and multiple choices of class time, during afternoon or evening, from Monday to Saturday.

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International TKD Festival

The International Taekwondo Festival is an annual tournament hosted by Grand Master Young In Cheon! At ITF students can put their skill to the highest performance and compete with competitors from all around the world.

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Now with 2 Dojang Locations

Diamond Bar

Diamond Hillsl Plaza
(Near Super Hmart)
21335 Cold Spring Lane  
Diamond Bar, CA 91765
(909) 468-1350

Chino Hill

Gordon Ranch Marketplace
(near McDonalds)
2563 Chino Hills Parkway #D-E
Chino Hills, CA 91709
(909) 597-7758

Upcoming Events

Summer BBQ Potluck

Saturday, July 23

At:  Ronald Reagan Park
Time:  11am-2pm
Please join us for potluck BBQ, water games & demonstration!

Belt Test

Saturday, June 18 at Chino Hills

  • 9am-10:30am :  All Color Belts
  • 10:30-11:10am:  Adults

Friday, June 24 at Diamond Bar

  • 4pm-5:30 :  Orange, Green, Purple, Blue, Sr. Blue
  • 5:30-6:30 :  White, Yellow, Tiny Tigers
  • 6:30-8pm:  Brown, Sr. Brown, Red, Stars


Both Dojang will be closed no class.

USAT National Championship

July 1-6 in Virginia
Good luck to Michael Chen, Ryan-Karyn-Joseph Real!

No Class Will Be Held

  • July 2-4 (Sat-Mon)
Happy Independence Day!